Commercial Horticultural

Commercial Horticultural magazine 2001.

Stone Talk - lightweight modular water features.   Remember Grunta, the prize winning scultpure from Stone Talk Sculptures.  Well, creator Syd Breeze says Grunta and other stone creations are still alive and selling steady from the business he and wife Lynda run a few kilometres south-west of Warkworth.

However, Lynda reports that this Winter's focus has been on developing and trialling several water features.  "We're working on lightweight, durable water features which are easy for people to take home and assemble from easy instructions", created in several modules, buyers can add pieces to make water features as large as they want.

Syd and Lynda hope to launch them in September, meanwhile Syd's sculpture sales keep selling throughout the North Island adn a Christchurch agent is readying to expand them South Island wide.